Our history

After gathering experience and a (mainly swiss) network in medical devices since 2003, in 2009 we decided on founding incantis GmbH to make our know-how best accessible to our clients.

What makes the difference between incantis and other consultancies?

There are countless jokes about consultants thinking of great solutions without helping their clients in the practical implementation.
Our focus very much lies on an affordable realization of the ideas we conceive of together with you and on helping out and lending a hand.

What does our name mean?

As a word play on the latin term for medicine man, "incantator",  we are delighted (span. "nos encanta"), to strive (lat. incantare) for the perfect and personalized solution for our clients.
Sometimes, there is also the need for someone to conjure (span. "encantador") something...

We could take this even further but to keep it short and simple like we always do - we liked the name like that!